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Dr. Hamid S. Al-Ahmadi Hospital Surgical Team Saves Patient’s Life.

23rd December 2015

Dr. Hamid S. Al-Ahmadi Hospital Surgical team gets much credit for its diligence and work ethic on Wednesday December 23, 2015 by successfully saving a patient’s life.  The successful surgery was led by Dr. Abdullah Al-Darderi head of the hospital’s general surgery department and endoscopy unit. The patient was suffering from severe neck pain and complained of a similar pain in her hands in addition to having difficulties breathing and swallowing. After a thorough examination and the completion of the necessary tests Doctors identified a tumor and commenced in the removal of the tumor. After completion of the removal procedure a total of 3 very large tumors had been removed. The tumors were present in the neck area and had extended down to an area above the rib cage due to an enlarged thyroid, to the Doctors surprise the tumors weighed more 2 kg….
Dr. Abdullah Darderi noted that the unified cooperation between the Radiology Department, the Surgical Department, the Anesthesiology Department, and the Intensive Care Unit was the determining factor not only in the success of the operation but more importantly for saving the patient’s life. 2

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