Clinics diseases and surgery Ear, Nose and Throat

The Department of diseases and surgery ear, nose and throat processing Hospital Dr Hamid Suleiman Al-Ahmadi with the latest cutting-edge for the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases in the field of ear, nose and throat medical devices, where available by the most advanced devices to examine the hearing nerve and the latest device to measure the functions of the middle ear and the movement of the eardrum and the effectiveness of the eustachian tube, The clinic conducted all surgeries such as Minor: 

Ear washing - to cases of nasal bleeding and remove foreign objects from the nose and ear.
Major surgical procedures:
• tonsillectomy and Alhumaiat and evaluate the nasal septum
Operations pull fluid from the ear under the microscope
Sinus operations and the removal of the nose by Alhumaiat perspectives
This section also pays special attention to the treatment of cases and the rotor unbalance caused by inflammation of the inner ear and migraines.