Introduction about department :
Optics Department is a main helper to the eye doctor and he takes care of all the basic tests required by the eye doctor of Optometry planning to the cornea and filming retina of the eyes etc. It also takes care of optic careful examination and lenses .

Services :
1. Measurement of view and exchange glasses
2. Take care regardless of the patient suitable contact lenses according to need solid or soft 
3. A special section for low vision and those with special needs

4. Basic tests for basic Operations, for example , LASIK and cataract of the eyes
5. Retinal imaging and measurement of the internal lens of the eye

Special & common proceedures.
The most important processes and procedures
1. Solis lenses . Unit hard contact lenese of the cornea conical
2. Unit low vision and amplifiers
3. The cultivation of the rings inside the cornea of the cornea conical