Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy center places great emphasis on our patients health recovery from their disabilities to help them get relief from pain, improve their mood and to return to their daily living activities independently. We act in a teamwork policy and we include our patients in this team to enhance any chance to become a healthy productive individual in our great society.
We already serve many patients who complain such diseases or post operative dysfunctions such as cervicogenic headache and dizziness, cervical and lumbar disc disorders, Spondylosis, spinal deformities as scoliosis and kyphosis. Peripheral joints pathologies as shoulder, hip and knee joints osteo-arthrosis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, planterfascitis. Special equipments and manual approaches are available for sport  

injuries mainly anterior cruciate ligament and meniscal tear pre and post operative treatment.
Special manual physical therapy unit for neurological disorders to help our people to get early recovery and easy return to their lives. Both peripheral lesions as fascial nerve palsy, Erb’s palsy and peripheral nerve injuries and central affections such as hemiplegia and spinal cord injuries.
Woman health care center provide its services to our women pre and post labour care, stress incontinence treatment and posture correction strategies. Our professional female therapists guide the process from evaluation till full cure.
Delayed milestones children have attention by informative specialists to help them and their families to get happiness through treating their disabilities.