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Maternity clinics

Maternity clinics

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department works in Dr. Hamid Sulaiman Al-Ahmadi hospital around the clock and consists of a section of the three clinics equipped with the latest device for ultrasound and a Doppler colored device ironing cooling .omtabah cases of recurrent miscarriage and special section for early detection of tumors of the uterus as section includes a special wing natural childbirth and childbirth without pain and is equipped with the latest computer planning baby’s heartbeat and follow-up during childbirth as section includes three rooms equipped with the latest cutting-edge medical devices are by all and obstetrics different women Operations Operations The endoscope surgeries are equipped with circuit television in order to do different surgical operations such as decoding adhesions pelvis and pipes – to the process of the ovaries – the treatment of ectopic pregnancies – ovarian cysts operations through the telescope – tubal ligation operations.
Endoscopic Surgery Center, Department of Women and Obstetrics:
Available by the telescope belly diagnostic – therapeutic belly telescope – telescope womb diagnostic – therapeutic telescope womb.