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Eye Department Operations
A- Minor Procedures.
B- Anterior Segment Surgery.
*Cataract Surgery with Phaco.
*Glaucoma Surgery .
*Keratoplasy (Cornea Trans Plant ).

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C- Refractive Surgery :
• Intracornea Rings.
• Cross – Linking.
D- Squint Surgeries:
*ALL Kinds of simple and complicated cases.

E- Lacrimal Passages Surgeries
( ALL cases )

F- VitreoRetinal Surgery:
*Including pars plana Vitrectomy.
For treating cases of Retina Detachment and vitrous Hemorrhage.

Eye Department Services
A- Out patient Department:
*Specialized eye clinic (Anterior Segment Clinic-Retina Clinic – Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic)
*Optometric Clinics:
Prescribing all kinds of Glasse and Contact Lenses including Prisms and Hard Contact Lenses, For all age Groups.
*OCT Examination.
*Cornea Topography (Pentacam)
*A and B Scan.
*Tonometry (Air puff and Tonopen).
*Fundus Camera for Fluorescein Angiography.
*Artificial Eye set.
*Portable Slit Lamp
*Eye lasers (YAG and Argon ).

B- Excimer Laser Unit :
• Refractive Surgery Lasik.
• Removal of Cornea opacities P.T.K.

Dr. Hamid Suliman Al-Ahmadi
Consultant ophthalmology
Dr. Mohammad Halabia
Consultant Opthalmology
Dr. Jamil Mirza
Consultant Ophthomologist
Dr. Ayman Afefi
Mehmood Alghaula