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Dr. Amal Ibrahim

Dr. Amal Ibrahim

Obstetric/Gyne Specialist

Graduation :

  • Ain Shams University 1991
  • Diploma in obstetric / Gyne Ain Shams University
  • CPR

Special Procedure:

In the office (clinic)

-Antenatal care in normal and high risk pregnancy

-Diagnosis and management of primary and secondary infertility

– All Kinds of contraception

– diagnosis and management of abnormal uterine bleeding

-Cervical cry cautery

In Operative Room (OR)

-Evacuation and suction of curettage

– Posterior repair

-Cervical cerculage

-Cesarean section

-Assistant in abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy

– Assistant in myomectomy and ectopic pregnancy

– Assistant in in ovarian cystectomy and oophorectomy

– Assistant in Iaparoscopy and

departments: Obstetric / Gyne
positions: Specialist Obstetric/Gyne