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Dr Hassan Abdel Rehman

Dr Hassan Abdel Rehman

MBBS, Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University

E.R. Resident – Head of E.R. DAMA Polyclinic
• E.R. Resident New Jeddah Clinic Hospital Jeddah North, al medina road, Saudi Arabia
• Resident of orthopedics and traumatology Al Amal National HospitalKhartoum
North, Sudan

Operative Experience
TRAUMA: resuscitation, ORIF, external fixation, fasciotomy, fracture manipulation, plaster applications .
Shoulder and upper arm: reduction of dislocation, interlocking nail humerus, ORIF.

Elbow trauma: supracondylar fracture humerus (MUA/K-wires) Fracture olecranon ORIF, radial head and neck fracture.

HAND: tendon repair, deformity correction .

Hip: Assistant in Total hip replacement, bipolar hip replacement, acetabular fracture reconstruction.

Knee: osteotomy (upper tibia, lower femur), Assistant in ligament reconstruction, subtotal synevectomy, arthroplasty .

Leg: Interlocking nail tibia, ORIF tibia fractures, Assistant in ORIF of tibia plateau fracture .

Foot & Ankle: fracture fixation , Assistant in tendon transfer,Deformity correction .
Spine: Assistant in laminectomy, discectomy .

departments: Emergency
positions: Specialist ER