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MBBCH, Egypt – Masters Audiology & Balance Cairo university – PHD Audiology & Balance (USA)
Membership of A.A.A. (American Academy of Audiology & Balance).
Membership of Saudi Audiology & otorhinolaryngology.
4 years post graduate experience in ( Kasr Al-EINI ) School of Medicine
Head of Audiology & Balance Department Almana General Hospitals, Dammam formerly (2009 – 2017).

AUDIOLOGY & Balance Department provides the most recent & up to-date diagnostic tools ensuring the evidence based medicine rules to diagnose the middle ear & inner ear diseases specifically & with the highest sensitivity values.

1- Providing & fitting of all models & types of the hearing aids
2- Diagnosis and treatment of all cases of vertigo & dis-balance due to inner ear diseases through Videonystagmography VNG & Caloric equipment.
3- Diagnosis and Assessment of Tympanic membrane pathologies, Middle ear & ossicular fixation pathologies through tympanometry & middle ear analyzer.
4- Neonatal hearing screening through Oto-Acoustic cochlear examination.
5- Assessment of hearing in autism & Down syndrome through (Auditory Brain stem Response A.B.R.).

departments: Audiology
positions: Specialist Audiology