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Mehmood Alghaula

Mehmood Alghaula



  • Optician diploma (2 years ) 1998
  • Optometrist diploma (3 years ) 1999
  • Contact lens course (1 year) 1999



2000-to date

Optometrist Dr. Hamid S. AL Ahmadi Hospital Medina Munaware KSA ( I am performing refractions, retinoscopy, and prescribing soft and hard contact lenses, low vision aids, performing pre LASIK examinations like corneal topography ( pentacam and OPD scan ) and pachymetry .

 I am doing A and B scans and calculating IOL powers for cataract patients, calculation for intracranial rings is also my responsibility . I am also performing visual field examination , preparing patients for funds flourescin angiography . I am also helping in the procedure of coneal cross linking .

departments: Ophthalmology, Optics
positions: Optometrist